The Advanced Mobility Collective Partners with Cardinal Geospatial

“We are pleased Cardinal Geospatial has joined The Advanced Mobility Collective to give our public and private partners a competitive edge in a spatially-enabled world!” – Todd Spain, Executive Director

Information is power. Cardinal Geospatial, a woman-owned small business located in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, provides actionable information to its clients. It unlocks the potential of data, through its expansive portfolio of tools and services, including remote sensing and photogrammetry, spatial analytics and cartography. 

Co-founder Aidan Thurling, an experienced spatial data expert, ecologist and certified thermographer, helps lead the company’s team of experts in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) remote sensing, natural resources, utilities, and environmental sciences. 

This geospatial data startup serves a wide variety of industry leaders to improve operational efficiencies with analytics. It provides advanced research and data services to a multitude of technology companies and thought leadership. Some industries that Cardinal lends its expertise in support of include: forestry and natural resource management, government and privately owned utilities, and UAS-based data services including remote sensing and photogrammetry.  In addition to open-source solutions, Cardinal Geospatial is also able to provide tailored Esri-based solutions and is an Esri Bronze Partner. 

The Collective community assembles and interconnects the digital, communications, physical and process systems for scalable solutions for public and private healthcare delivery and disaster management and recovery. It continually seeks partners that will add value to its robust support network in support of its advanced mobility ecosystem. 

“Partnering with The Collective to help create ideal data-driven solutions in their priority mission areas was a natural fit for Cardinal. We believe in the Collective’s mission and are excited to rally around its lofty goal of creating impactful outcomes and economically sustainable healthcare delivery and disaster management mobility solutions!”

“Having Cardinal Geospatial on our team enhances The Collective’s ability to prioritize precision, reliability and agility in advanced mobility solutions.- Todd Spain, Executive Director

About The Collective: The Collective is a nonprofit global community of business, technology, government and research partners bringing new mobility services to life by acting as a catalyst for innovation and economic development for connected and autonomous vehicles in the air and on the ground. Consistent with its purpose, to grow and shape the Advanced Mobility Ecosystem, AMC frames real world challenges and links companies, partners, services, Federal, State and Local bodies to solve them collaboratively.

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